The Zenzele Development Programme (Zenzele) is a synchronized poverty reduction system for local communities in nodal areas. It mobilizes support and catalyses community self-organization by connecting poor families to a basket of services and through stakeholder engagement. It is an adaptation of the SAWID Development Caravan methodology. In 2013 WDB Trust incorporated two SAWID Development Caravan sites, namely Mtubatuba and uMfolozi to become part of Zenzele. We are in discussion with Ponahalo De Beers Trust to explore the SAWID site in Viljoenskroon.


Zenzele modified the Development Caravan methodology in order to extend its outreach. For example we increased the target from 0 families to 50 families per Development Facilitator. Zenzele utilizes the group methodology to target larger groups.

WBD Trust is currently testing Letsema community analysis methodology and asset based approach to solving problems and looking for ways in which it could be incorporated into Zenzele.

In August 2015 WDB Trust held a certificate ceremony for the very first cohort of Development Facilitators who completed the Development Facilitation training programme. The certificate holders now have National Qualification Framework (NQF) level 5 qualifications, which empower them to undertake development facilitation work in their own communities and beyond.

Footprint of the Zenzele Development Programme

The Zenzele Development Programme is operational in Mpumalanga, Limpopo and KwaZulu-Natal.