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WDBTrust’s programmes are aimed at making poverty history in various ways and tackling communities. The Zenzele Development programme aims at tackling the basics, so that women have access to basic services and are able to help themselves. The Siyakhula Microfinance Services Programme provides financial services to poor borrowers and assists with income-generating activities and the Development Training Academy serves the communities by upgrading skills and giving our clients the tools to design their own future.
Siyakhula Microfinance Institution

Microfinance  is the provision of a range of high quality financial services and other products to poor borrowers on a sustainable basis for productive income-generating activities.

  • To increase family incomes
  • To enhance the position of poor women in the family and society
  • To improve quality of life for families
Zenzele Development Programme

The Development Caravan is a synchronized poverty eradication system for local communities in nodal areas to mobilize support  and catalyse community self organization through targeting households with a basket of services and stakeholder engagement.

  • To link poorest households to development resources in order to help them graduate from poverty.
  •  To mobilise , Support and catalyse community self-organisation.
  • To move-on once families are able to self-manage.
WDB Development Training Academy

The Academy aims to be the “go to” institution for skills training for poverty reduction programmes  especially in development microfinance , linking households to socio-economic resources, enterprise development , basic ICT’s and taking digitisation to the rural poor. This training will be availed  to the WDB Trust employees, the programme beneficiaries, stakeholders and local communities.

  • To provide the Trust , other development MFI’s and NPO’s serving poor rural communities with an appropriately skilled pool of workers.
  • To provide learning and development opportunities aligned to the WDB Trust employees career paths as a retention mechanism;
  • To develop strategic partnerships focusing with the ones that are already accredited.