Our Management

Training Academy Program Manager of WDB

Fikile Buthelezi

Fikile Buthelezi holds a degree of B. Ed from the University of Witwatersrand, a BA UED from the University of Zululand, a Diploma in Human Resources Management and Training, and a Diploma in Special Education for the Aurally Impaired. Ms. Buthelezi is trained in BESA (Basic Education and Skills for Teaching Adults).

An accomplished business professional, Ms. Buthelezi possesses the ability to guide communities in the achievement of change objectives. She offers the successful analysis and linkage of strategies for maximum impact and the cultural sensitivity required for application within business arenas.

Ms. Buthelezi has been a member of the WDB Trust family since its inception in 1996. Fikile’s passion for education led her to create, structure and run the WDB Training Academy Programme in all its iterations to make it what it is today. 

Fikile’s unwavering commitment to our founding vision has been the stead of the Training Academy Programme which includes curriculum development, programme certification, capacitation of trainers, action plan implementation, cycle development, trainee evaluation, collaboration with external stakeholders and monitoring and evaluation metrics.

Fikile as a vast knowledge of rural dynamics in South Africa and as an innovative individual, who welcomes challenges in a humble and unique manner, Ms. Buthelezi is a resourceful professional who has a passion for her chosen career. She continually strives to achieve best practices, and can identify, create and implement strategy through effective interpersonal abilities across various platforms