What we Do

WDB Trust provides developmental micro finance. We link poor rural communities to developmental resources in their areas in order to assist them to graduate from poverty. We empower communities in our areas of operation by providing developmental training and ICT training. We aim to continue to be financially sustainable through our income-generating projects, services and investments.


South African women safe at home and in their communities; economically self-reliant and participating fully in the socio-economic transformation of our country to make it an inclusive, democratic and non-sexist society.


Building productive households towards sustainable and self-reliant communities.

Value Statement

We are South African women respectful of one another and of the communities We serve, we are trustworthy, accountable and fulfil our responsibilities with commitment, diligence, honesty and integrity. We strive for excellence. Our actions are underpinned by the  social value of Ubuntu.

Strategic Objectives

  • To promote financial and socio-economic development in poor rural communities
  • To contribute towards poverty eradication
  • To empower women and promote unity and co-operation among women


  • To support enterprise development in rural areas as a tool for economic growth
  • To link poor rural families to development resources to assist them to graduate from poverty
  • To empower communities in which we operate by providing developmental and ICT training
  • To support youth and girl-child development initiatives