WDB Investment Holdings is a private enterprise that was formed in 1996 with the overarching purpose of making a difference in the lives of rural women and communities in South Africa. WDB Investment Holdings was established as an investment company, whose main objective was to make investments in high growth businesses in order to generate dividend income for its main shareholder, the WDB Trust.


  • Generate regular cash flows in order to repatriate dividends to its main shareholder, the WDB Trust.
  • Build a portfolio of investments in diversified sectors and businesses: Consumer Goods & Services (including FMCG), Real Estate (residential and commercial property), Telecoms, Media & Technology, Education, Renewable Energy/Utilities, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Retail & Diversified Industries.
  • Achieve sustainable equity returns on our investments, by making equity investments in growth businesses that generate cash, and give market and sector related returns.
  • Build a sizeable capital base for our constituency.
  • Have meaningful operational and strategic influence in our investments.
  • Drive sustainable transformation within our investments with regards to women representation in executive roles, employment equity, skills development and procurement from small businesses.


  • Participates on investee boards: with representation in all our key investments, which allows us to have meaningful strategic influence and add value through access to our broad networks and relationships.
  • Brings proven track record and wealth of management experience and leadership to our investments: through our debt and equity raising capabilities and a combined experience of over 40 years in the financial services sector.
  • Promotes sustainable transformation: focusing on employment equity, skills development and facilitating the promotion of women into senior positions.
  • Focuses on enterprise development: assisting our partners in their enterprise development initiatives.
  • Contributes its own capital: considered per investment return profile and requires Investment Committee Approval.

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