Testimony of Nevhulaudzi Fhathuwani from Pile village under Thulamela Municipality. 

Pile village is located in the Limpopo province, Thulamela municipality ward (15) under ward councillor MR Pandelani T.S. It is a rural area which has a high number of unemployment rate, high rate of school dropouts, alcohol and drug abuse as well as gambling. The area is dominated by Tshivenda speaking people.


Ms. Nevhulaudzi Fhathuwani is a 35 years old single parent of four children. They stayed in a one roomed house that served as a bedroom, kitchen, and bathing area.


The family depends on social grants of her four children, the total monthly amount that she receives is R1920 which she uses for food, children’s uniform, school maintenance, clothes and paying for community burial society. 


Firstly, the challenge was that the family stayed in a stand that belong to family relative (cousin), who gave them permission to utilize it since he works in Johannesburg. In July 2019 the cousin issued notice of eviction before December 2019, the family couldn’t find stand and not having money to build.


The family needed intervention in obtaining her own stand and a safe house, since the house was not in good condition, during rainy season the house had major cracks and the mother had to take her children to the neighbours for their safety.


The Development Facilitator engaged with ward councillor and royal council chairperson to assist the client in obtaining her own stand of which it was successfully achieved, the issue was the building material.


Development Facilitator therefore wrote a letter to request correctional service for a labour however the department could not assist in building the house due to the national lockdown.


During the heavy rains of 2021, the client’s house collapsed. The Development Facilitator offered psychosocial support to the family members and wrote a letter to Thulamela municipality in requesting a tent which was donated to the family.


Since the client did not have money to build the house Development Facilitator and ward councillor managed to write a request letter in building a safe house, positive response was achieved from Makonde catholic church which pledge to build the house for the clients. the house is fully fledged and handed over to the client, which respond to the ZDP dimensions of housing, electricity, communication, psychosocial support, family dynamic, sanitation and water.

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Tent donated from Thulamela Municipality.
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