The WDB Trust and Cooperative Governanc and Traditional affrairs (CoGTA) meeting

On March 07th this year, the leadership team of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (CoGTA) and the executive team of the WDB Group met to begin building and negotiating possible avenues of cooperation and knowledge sharing between CoGTA’s Community Work Programme (CWP) and WDB’s Zenzele Program. On the one hand, this partnership will enable Zenzele to expand its service delivery across the country with the cooperation of national and local governments. On the other hand, it recognizes the need for the national government to build fruitful relationships with stakeholders to have more impact and reach across the country.

The WDB Trust. (2022). “Participants of the WDB Trust and CoGTA meeting in the WDB House on March 07th- 2022” [picture]. Private archive.

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