Update: WDB Training Academy

Computer-Based Functional Literacy Programmes

The WDB Trust Training Academy facilitates computer-based functional literacy (CBLF) programmes in Sigweje in Ladysmith & Kwa-Madlala Primary School in Elandskop Pietermaritzburg.

Under the leadership of Fikile Buthelezi, WDB Trust Training Academy offers training to youth who have attempted matric or have passed matric but are currently unemployed or not enrolled for any studies. The programme is a year-long programme and is delivered for one week in every month. We are very proud of our hard-working students, and our excellent facilitators. The vision for WDB is to see more of these programmes rolled out in the other areas where the WDB Trust operates.

My Health is in My Hands

WDB Training Academy will soon be providing training to its clients and communities on lifestyle and communicable diseases. A week-long training-for-trainers on this new Health and Education Services (HES) Programme was recently held in Durban.

WDB Team with My Health is in My Hands training manuals.

Health education has been a long-time passion and focus for WDB Training Manager, Fikile Buthelezi, who spearheaded the partnership between the WDB Training Academy and an organisation called Africa!Ignite. The programme is known as My Health is in My Hands and will be a valuable to asset for both the staff at WDB head offices, and the various branches of the organisation –  and for their outreach programmes in rural areas. This partnership will no doubt create a win-win situation for all involved.

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